Women’s ‘Saheli’ now at their finger tip

March 8, International Women’s Day, the day to commemorate the contributions of women in the socio-political sphere as well as in global peace and security of the world. To celebrate the spirit of womanhood, on International Women’s Day 2013, HLL makes its premium non-steroidal oral contraceptive pill- ‘Saheli’- available online.
‘Saheli’ is world’s only non-steroid oral contraceptive pill, with no side effects with ormeloxifene as the active ingredient. Saheli, launched by HLL Lifecare Ltd in 1991 is a most convenient and safest mode of contraception with a dosage of one pill a week. HLL has an all India market share of 6% and a Growth Rate of 10.4%. Being a non steroidal pill, Saheli scores over the steroidal pills in terms of no hormonal side effects.
The major Markets of Saheli are Uttar Pradesh (MS -23%), Punjab (MS-27.6%), Haryana (MS – 36%), Delhi (MS – 19.4%), Rajastan (MS – 16.9%). In the states of UP, Delhi, Punjab, Haryana & Rajasthan Saheli is the 2nd largest brand in terms of volume after Mala-D.
By going online, Saheli will now be available in leading shopping portals like Indiatimes, Homeshop18, Healthshoppe, Indiaplaza, Ebay, Healthkart, Healthgenie, and Cilory to name a few.
“It marks the freedom of women. They can make the rightful choice to safe and reversible contraception in the easiest way, from the comforts of their homes or workplaces,” said HLL chairman and the managing director Dr M Ayyappan.
HLL believes that educated and independent women can raise intelligent children, which in turn creates a self-reliant society. ‘Saheli’ is a huge advance for women’s health and equality. The company has been on the front lines of making birth control available to women nationwide since years. ‘Saheli’ would control unintended pregnancy, birth rates among the teens, the need for abortion and abortion rates. When women have access to birth control, they can choose whether and when to have families. They can have an education, a career and a family.
‘Saheli’ is effective in reducing the risk of cancer, improving the health of mothers-to-be and easing cramps. HLL will be targeting the huge number of women using the internet as the customers. According the latest figures, 40% of the total 112 million internet users are working and non-working women above 25 years.

‘Saheli’, the safest bet for reversible contraception is now just a click away to touch the lives of women.

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